Congenital Birth Defects

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Congenital birth defects are defects which exist at the time of the birth of a baby.  Birth defects may also be referred to as “congenital abnormalities” or “congenital anomalies.”  Some congenital birth defects may be mild and unnoticeable by the lay person at the time of birth, while other birth defects may be severe.

Common Types of Congenital Birth Defects

There is a wide range of congenital birth defects.  However, there are some common types of genetic birth defects.  These include:

  • spina bifida
  • mental retardation
  • cleft palate
  • Down Syndrome
  • Sexual congenital birth defects such as sex chromosome abnormalities
  • Club foot
  • Tay-Sachs disease
  • Heart defects
  • Achondroplasia (a type of dwarfism)

Liability Factors

While many birth defects are due to unknown causes or causes which do not result in liability by medical providers or other entities, there are nevertheless birth defects which may be attributed to third parties.  For example, birth defects may be attributable to ingesting certain types of medication.  If the medication was prescribed by a physician, there may be liability assessed against the prescribing physician and/or the manufacturer of the medication.

Getting Legal Help

If one’s child has a congenital birth defect, the matter is never simple and is always one close to one’s heart.  Frequently, one may assume that the birth defect is not legally actionable.  However, a consultation with an experienced malpractice attorney can determine whether there is a claim and whether there is any compensation for the pain, suffering and care for the child.  Moreover, an attorney’s review of the matter can give one peace of mind that one has had the matter reviewed by a professional to ensure that no malpractice was committed.

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